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Water is life- we all know about that. But do we know all about water? For daily chores of our life, we use water every day for verities of purposes. Hence, we don’t know about everything what’s in our water, or what to do about it. In recent days, there is a typical issue called “hard water. ” This creates a confusing expression, it just indicates that there are more minerals in your water than there likely to be.Enter your text here…

Hard water indicates that the water pumps into the home are just concentrated with calcium and magnesium ion. Though these minerals are naturally found in water, it can mix up with the water tap and causes hardness in water. In severe cases, these minerals ion concentration can make the water unsuitable to use. Therefore, here are some causes, health effect, and solution of water hardness. Also, there is a short list of Best Water Softener Resin to prevent hardness of water.

How Bad Is It?

Actually, hard water isn’t a real issue for health and harmful to you (if metals like lead are present), on the other side, it’s actually not wanted in-house water.

The most well-known phenomena of hard water are spots on dishes, less clean garments and shower become less powerful. As calcium and magnesium ion stick to soap, it creates an extra layer on the surface, just like the dish and cloth detergent.

How To Get Rid Of Hard Water?

To decrease the hardness of water, you need to decrease the concentration of the mixed base ion. To get that you need to use a water softener. And I will let you know all about how you can choose the best water softener resin and use them to make difference in your daily life. And you will be well understood that how important is it to use water softeners.

A water softener system is your ultimate solution to beat the hardness of water, that separates the calcium and magnesium ion and replaces these metals with sodium ion.

How Does It Work?

The whole procedure of setting up the softener system into the home is complicated. But, it works just in simple two steps. First, water pumps into the resin and suck out the metal ions. Second, it passes into a brine solution (concentrated salt solution) and then into house tap.

Mostly water softeners are self-generated, thus you don’t have to worry if the resin gets saturated. The system flushes it out. Also, its possible to replace the softener resin with a brand new one- after using it for several years.

How can you select the best water softener resin?


The most common feature of a softener resin is the ion-exchange model. It features a special mechanism of ion-exchange that is hard minerals replaces with sodium.


Selecting a water softener by its size is a complicated decision to make. As it’s not always about the physical size but mostly on the ion-regeneration time. Its preferable to buy a softener with a minimum of three (03) days regeneration time.


The last factor of selecting a water softener will be its controls and how easy it is to use. An automatic feature with advanced units with right controls will make the softener more preferable to select.

So, considering this highlighted feature, let’s have a look on the best water softener resin available in the market. These are the softeners that you can choose to buy as all are listed based on the terms of performance, price, diverse function, and works as the best water softener for your home.

1.Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener

The Fleck 5600SXT is a strong water softener with large capacity and great features. It’s a complete system that suits all. It includes a complete package like a tank, control head, resin, and brine tank.

This water softener measures your water usage and regenerates following to your needs. It restricts the salt usage to a minimum and prevents wasting of water.

There’s an LCD monitor that shows the present status of the softener. Thus you can troubleshoot issue anytime if there any error code appears. Also, this system is easy to install in your home. As manufacturer provide a simple guide with clear-view steps. If you are unsure to proceed, you can get an experienced plumber along the way.

Key Features:

  • Polyglass tank
  • On-demand valve
  • Fully programmable cycles
  • 48,000 grains
  • Made in the USA

2.On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Portable 16K Grain Water Softener

In case you want a portable water softener, On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT, is perfect for you. With its 16,000 grain capacity and the packed design plan, it can fit in a small compartment of an RV.

The unit is fit for pumping a steady flow of soft water. There’s a great balance between the compactness and its reasonable large capacity. Its installation process is easy and straightforward.  Also, it’s not difficult to regenerate. At 16,000 grains, it offers just about 40% more softened water than other models in its class.

It is standard for this model to connect with the garden hose for its 360-degree swivel in place. There are no special tools required to install it in your garden, it won’t need any electricity.

Key Features:

  • Compact and portable design
  • 16,000 grains
  • Regenerates very fast
  • High flow rates
  • Requires no tools or electricity

3. ABC waters PENTAIR 48000 Grain Water Softener

The ABCwaters PENTAIR is a full system for your whole house water softener. It has the LCD display and intelligent on-demand flow system that measures the salt and water used.

The 48,000 grain capacity of this unit can possibly supply soft water for a large house. It softens water with 10% crosslink resin that is a special commercial-grade resin which lasts long and durable for the whole system.

The ABCwaters PENTAIR regeneration is meter-based. Its system analyzes the water used and indicates the regeneration time automatically. Thus it prevents the water wastage. It has an LCD display with easy buttons and various settings to get you a convenient interface. To face a power outage, it has integrated 48-hour power backup.

Considering its efficiencies this system deserves the peak spot on the list. It represents a great value as it comes with pre-loaded resin, high-power performance, and simple installation.

Key Features:

  • 10% crosslink resin upgrade
  • More resilient to chlorine
  • 48,000 grains
  • Complete water softening system
  • Digital metered control head

Which Resin should I choose for my water softener?

In short, I recommend using the High Capacity 8% Cross Link Resin. However, you may have heard of 10% Cross Link Resin and Fine Mesh Resin. These next few paragraphs will explain the differences among these three options and why I recommend the 8% Cross Link.

Most water softener dealers in the Minneapolis area use what is called High Capacity 8% Cross Link Resin. In my experience at Peterson Salt, this type of resin will last for about 20-25 years on city water that is not pre-softened. If you live in Eden Prairie, St. Paul, Minneapolis or other another city that pre-softens the water, the life expectancy of your resin will be longer because the resin bed isn’t being exhausted as often. In most city water situations, the 8% Cross Link Resin is going to work the best.

If you own a home with a personal well, I recommend Fine Mesh Resin, which is made up of smaller resin beads than the standard High Capacity Resin. The smaller bead size means that your water will have more surface area contact with the resin and therefore the resin will be able to better remove the added minerals that are present in unfiltered well water.

For High Capacity 10% Cross Link Resin, I recommend it to homeowners. The 10% resin has more bonds that hold the beads together so that they will last longer. Over time, resin beads will fracture and break down into a mush-like paste. When this eventually happens, either the resin or the entire softener system need to be replaced.

All in all, I recommend installing an iron filter before your softener for the absolute desired results.  However, if you want to stick with just the softener, fine mesh resin is a better choice – just be sure to properly clean and maintain your system and you should see that iron disappear in no time.

Karl J. Diaz

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